All needs are met, taking the stabilizer’s off

When we listen to fear or don’t listen to the new ideas because it means sometimes we have  to recreate with prayer, feeling love and a inner faith that all needs are met and it may take time to heal.  So I have had great bits and bobs with lots of  great ideas that can go many ways, but have put them away for a bigger way, play playing with them all and trusting them has made them much clearer.   I was not finding peace in selling my ideas of workshop as they were!!!

I have found myself asking why a lot,  why do I want to do children’s parties, teach kids and I know why, I love it.   It’s just I because I don’t like my old ideas anymore, they need change and I let go to the flow however long it takes.   As people have not booked enough or not enough to run them to make a job out of it, and I did not have the money to do lots of advertising, plus living in a rural conservative and traditional area.

In it’s old format  the parties are too much for a lot of people on low incomes, as we are taught that art is not a priority on a budget.  So I am rising again and am inspired to be available to teaching in a more fulfilling and multi layered party of love & life for all.  Plus they is allot you can share you online and pass talent on to more, so they will be more online teaching , Online & in person as I want to do Inspirational talks/creative studio insights,  with a fun playful element of play prayer, which I am developing.

 I know I would rather have fun making my new projects out of the old to the new and let it go more and as time passes it will give me new light and possibilities & rebirths of  things passed.

I will vibrate with light and change, Or everything will stay the same, if I love it, it will come.

I am not doing workshops generally, unless inspired and lightwork around the neighborhood to get out and have fun and test things,till am ready, feeling my way there with time out.   As the new stuff is so much more,  I have been busy with new props and workshop, ideas but they are a step by step process and it’s like learning to ride a bike it is time to practice and take the stabilizers off.  images (2)

Knowing that the universe has your back all the time, I remember when I taught myself to ride a bike.  I know Dad showed me a bit but, I just remember me on my bike on the front lawn going around and around till I got, then waving to mum in the front room, I was so chuffed, it was easy and what was the fuss about.

So there’s always change whatever you do,  always new bikes to learn to ride, always love, joy and many paths to ride on one step at a time in the now.

art bx 050


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