Remember who you are and talk to the wall, when you hit a brick wall

I have been re-forming & molding ideas,  into new fruit from my  workshops, children’s parties, preconceptions and art, they all got put upon the wall of death to be reborn.

I have been talking to the wall, like you do…

Plus love streaming with agape. 

I painted it two months ago when I felt like I had hit a brick wall, I could not get the motivation to promote what I once perceived I wanted, plus in my circumstance they was not a quick solution to it.

It was a lot to do with an inner knowing that I was on the right path, but wrong the path and had not taken time out soon enough to reevaluate what I was doing and why it was not working, new ideas were not getting done.



I have said no to it all for at once and surrendered to love, to time out, to let it be reborn

So now the wall has gone, but I still have my space to talk to, a lighter space, sacred space,  I am now  using this blog to talk to the wall and reform old to new, plus  the studio, lots of my walks.

But today I had to talk to the wall, source, God, Universal Light, Love, the self, Spirit, whatever it is that you call God.

I was blocked but after a good conversation life is good again.

It started with this, as I let go of worry, doubt and fear, with the thought that they is a solution to every problem, this is what came from source, as I was thinking about being me as Lizzy Mason on earth and who we are as source…

We are you, you are us, when we come to earth we are an individual, but yet we are one with gods love, through our self expression we anchor the divine love of god within our self on earth.

Finding that it is all within, ready for you like an artist with a brush.

As we moved on I grounded my ideas with them, with a gentle how do I feel about them, with one questions & one step at a time.

I was then able to give myself a rebate of what went into the fire of death to be reborn in a new format that has been coming over me the last two months, the more I talk to it the more it becomes clear.

Love and Light to all and many blessings to you all xxx

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