A day of new loving bliss

Day of reflection and making space for the new, I have just been for a walk and the summers breeze is blowing in to the studio, all is well, I am reminding myself to not to be attached to outcome, as it is always one day at a time.  To just bee & love myself, then happiness flows and all dreams are here right now in my heart and there is no rush, no stress, no fear.

As I know this is an inner rebirthing and loving my present/self with my wellness links, as change will always come about.

Blue Skys 9

So I am finding peace where I am, so that the next steps can be more of who I came here to bee, instead of trying to fit into  what reality shows me with fear or shoulds. The more I follow my wellness links on my blog I find inner changes and ideas emerging, new gifts that I did not dare to try because of fearful thoughts created from blocked emotions that just need love, time & space instead of  thinking I don’t have… time or money and location, instead I give thanks to my inner being, source, earth, friends, family and all.

This music/Youtube channel is helping today along with a tidy studio and a inner talk to my feelings.

I told myself two weeks ago after a bump time…

For the first time in your life really trust your heart/your true self/God self.

Todays was just do it and allow my income to be from what is fun, what I love to do, and be aware of my feelings as they create my thoughts, so more walks, meditations & this type of music with no preconceptions !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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