Life is but a dream says the Leprechaun to the Fairy Queen

Hi from the intergalactic world of the fairy kingdom, within the walls 🙂 of the Fairy Queens studio, Lizzy Mason “Life is Art”.

We were having a cup of tea with this divinely gifted artist, a refreshing journey that we share with her.  We come to tell a tale through her with playful arty spaces.

We came to her today as we heard her call for more, more ideas, more, what is more, what is it, that will inspire her next  exhibit,  around in circles in her head she went, “what is it that will tell another tale, is it installation, hmm no, maybe, not sure hmmm, like it but not quite, but what? What is it that I love to do that will inspire us all, as a space of fun?” she pondered until she surrendered to talk to the wall.

The music played, as she tickled an artwork she is painting and then put it down and said “just artwork is not it, there is more, to displaying my artwork than a wall of art and what is perceived by my mirror of what should be”

We told her, she has to get out of the box, to get in the  box, ” but what? ” she said

With us fairy folk there is no more wall, it may be what you see, but it’s not all that you see, that is, for what is, all that is love and that’s all.

It goes like this…

Leprechaun ans rainbow fairy

Taking to the wall of spirit, as there is no wall, just another dimension of the wonder of eternal love, a dream, this was indeed very funny to our Fairy Queen as she stumbled upon her new idea for her next exhibit and decided all is well.   She giggled profusely with love at herself and repeated with laughter there is no wall, again and again, it was so funny to see what was before her after many circles drawn in her head,

We will always be there to help you out, to get you in good spirit & through the wall to where you have not gone before, into another dimension!!!! I bid you good day & send you many loving messages of good fortune.

Love Shamus the leprechaun or as Lizzy knows me sometimes the wall of spirit.

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