Splish splash splosh life is good


This painting was created in 2012 after starting to get back on my wellness journey and many trials and errors,  it was inspired by a summer rainfall we had in Mablethorpe which was invigorating on a day out with my husband.

I love the idea of travelling, but after many years of lack of funds, I surrendered to enjoying a day at the local beach, Mablethorpe while visiting my parents, as they were staying for a short break.

We all went for a walk with their dog Lilly, who I had a run with the beach in and out of the sea spray making the most of the sunshine, and as we got back to the start of our beach walk the rain came,  we had to take cover and watch the rain as it caught us out without coats, before going back to Metheringham, on to Chapel St Leonards for fish and chips.

Then to my joy when we got back to Metheringham my friend turns up with her boy for a cuppa and the sun was out xxx

As always Life is good, I planted seeds of love on that beach that day of wishes and now I see so much more, thank you rain.



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For any commission requests or proposals please email me Lizzy Mason at…lizzymasonart@hotmail.co.uk


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