When it rains it’s Gods way of giving you a rainy day fund

After having had time off this year in the studio to  look at bee-ing me,bee1 it has been dark, fun, insightful and a practice of patience of shifting older perceptions of what I want to do as an artist.

This year revealed that I had been trying too hard to make!!! my art fit into a old world paradigm that will make me a wage, not that art cannot sustain me. Many projects did not get off the ground, but every time they fell it gave me money in the bank.  This bank is the knowledge of bee-ing bee1true to me, so many times they has been things I wanted to do but the mind comes in with tightly held perceptions and goes down the same path.

So after trying to change this more in 2012 & 2013 I found that it turned into a trail of using the tools from my wellness links to make what was an old idea that had served it’s purpose fit in, instead of diving into the new Lizzy that was ready to expand.

Using all the excuses I had learned, to not do things when challenges come, instead of with my wellness links,  I just needed to allow play, to transform  what was not working as they is a better timing than my egos fears & sometimes we have to let it go and then allow it to talk to us as love has something better bee-ing bee1 than what fear has, whatever it is and trust it.

Meditation is key, but most of all let it go, let it go, let it go and talk to your emotions, don’t damn them, scream, shout, cry to release the pain.  Then fill with love and allow the loving bee-ing you are to shine and then surrender the how.

So sing when the rain is falling as it will give all you need to know to heal whatever your old perceptions is that seems broke as thats all it is, just you trying to bee you xxx bee1

See  this link  to a post about a painting made from a day out with rain

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