How to make felt ginger bread men for your Christmas Tree

To make felt ginger bread men you will need…

  1. Brown ginger coloured felt 1m roll width will make a dozen gingerbread men
  2. White wave trim
  3. Pins
  4. Sewing needles for cotton and wool if you chose to sew together with wool
  5. Brown wool if sewing together with wool
  6. Sewing machine if you want to sew them together by machine.
  7. Fabric scissors
  8. Toy Stuffing
  9. Red & white cotton
  10. Red & white spotted ribbon 1.5m
  11. Craft eyes & 5mm red buttons 3 x 12 gingerbread men = 36
  12. Strong craft glue
  13. Glue gun and sticks.
  14. Print, download & cut out out of pattern at the bottom of this post

Right click to save as, download and print….


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