Artist Imprint

Life is Art, an Expression of the Joy of Life through our Connection to Source, Light, and our Higher Self.

A never ending journey that is all encompassing & embracing the whole universe, unconditional love, infinite wisdom, time, space, thoughts & actions, created from the past & each present moment of an individual being.

Life as art, our ability to tap into source, to feel our way to happier thoughts, energy, to co-create with love, forgiveness to our self, our shadow sides, with an ever following, loving source of power, self acceptance & self realizations of our true self & knowing.

Art can be a trigger to remember who your are, to reconnect with love to aspect of your individual loving divinity, as with each artwork being an individual aspect of the universe, reminding us of aspects of our self’s good or bad, that wants unconditional love, balance and a natural loving space to feel loved forever more as you are.

bee1Whenever we feel unsettled, fear or unhappy, there’s is power in our feelings to guide us to a better feeling place with love of life.

As like an artist we can play with our canvas of life, as an ever flowing stream of love, when our heart art is blocked we just need some loving rest bite to regain with our source and all what we wish for is here in your self love as you are now xxx



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