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Celebrate India’s nature, life & colours.

An Indian love adventure with heart art As a journey of no preconceptions  this summer 2016 – to the unknown journey, I am going into the jungles of India and  Himalayan mountains, through it oceans and the Ganges to follow the path of love with…

Remember who you are and talk to the wall, when you hit a brick wall

I have been re-forming & molding ideas,  into new fruit from my  workshops, children’s parties, preconceptions and art, they all got put upon the wall of death to be reborn. I have been talking to the wall, like you do… Plus love streaming with agape.  I painted it…

Tidy time in the studio, here’s looking at you, with love & play pray

Had new direction for a reformation for my blog and website which is behind the scenes for now. I then found myself getting manic and cluttered so I played and tidied up the studio moved stuff  while  Listening to….        

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