Lizzy’s Art Process…

CREATED THROUGH THE DIVINE WISDOM & UNIVERSAL LAWS OF FAITH, LOVE,& INNER KNOWINGS…the artwork unfolds as an eternal memory etched upon her present moment.  With constant flux and love of all things, possible space emerges upon the canvas to express an individual aspect of one eternal whole.

Prints available with small to large prints from Imagekind, but please bear in mind they are an American company, so beware of your tax duties when imported into your country. Or they are prints on Redbubble but prints don’t have as many large options.


Integrating the present being within the influx of the new enabling the present to become new.  Brought to light again as a new whole today we can play away.

The movement of a wash upon a canvas or first stages of creation softens and stills the mind, allowing the painting/artwork to emerge through the present thought whether in action or day to day routine all is well in the creation of art.   The tale of its art is created with visions and ideas when interacting with day to day life. When back in the studio the abstract vision emerges through playful insights, trial, and error, till a new day, idea, processes is here, once again a new artwork is born.