The Painting of a Halloween backdrop…

Make a Halloween painted backdrop for funky photos and paper art fun…

Then add props as desired or shown in image below, see links to how to make props below…

Make a spooky castle on a rock     Make cardboard pumpkins      Make a paper crow

To make twig and grass see images below where I have set a twig in a pot with plaster and made paper grass to cover base…

How to make a paper crow

To make paper crows you will need…

  1. 4 Sheets of black A4 Card or thick paper per crow
  2. Acrylic paint to give depth, I used Blue, Purple and black.
  3. 1 30cm Pipe cleaners
  4. Black wool
  5. Glue gun and glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Clean wipe able desk and damp cloth.
  8. Water bucket & brush
  9. 30 green 5mm cane
  10. Templates, right click linage below and save as to download and then print to make templates.




How to make a spooky castle on a rock.

You will need to make a spooky castle on a rock…

Castle materials/equipment…

  • An empty crisp box from local shop
  • Cardboard tube form cling film, 3 or more if desired
  • Black A4 card
  • Black tissue paper
  • Posca paint pens black 5mm and yellow 5mm or 3mm
  • P.VA, container for glue and brush, 1 inch flat
  • scissors
  • Dark green grey and brown acrylic paint
  • Gold  acrylic paint or gold wax
  • 1cm flat brush for dry brushing paint.
  • Water bucket, cloth and wipe-able surface.
  • Glue gun and glue stick

Rock materials/equipment….

  • Plenty of Corrugated cardboard boxes large and smaller for rock.
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Black tissue paper
  • P.VA, container for glue and brush 1 inch
  • Gold  acrylic paint or gold wax

How to make the Rock….

How to make cardboard pumpkins…

To make a cardboard pumpkin set of three, you will need….

  • Grey card 1mm thick, 8 sheets of A2
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Orange acrylic paint with white added for prime coat.
  • Bright orange acrylic paint
  • Deep green acrylic  paint
  • Magenta acrylic paint
  • Flat brush about 1cm for dry brushing.
  • Pallet or tubs for paint.
  • Water bucket, cloth & wipe-able surface.
  • Green paper/Thin card 3 A2 sheets.
  • Scissors

Make a giant paper flower

To make giant paper flowers you will need…

  1. 12 Sheets of A4 Card or thick paper in chosen colour per flower
  2. 6 A3 Sheets of yellow paper for inserts of flowers & 2 A4
  3. A4 sheets of green card in chosen colour for leaves and flower base I  used one A4 as the largest leaf.
  4. Large wax crayon in chosen colour to add texture if  desired.
  5. Dark green acrylic paint to give depth to leafs and stalks ect.
  6. Green florist tape, paper version for painting on.
  7. Glue gun and glue
  8. Scissors
  9. Clean wipe able desk and damp cloth.
  10. Water bucket for brush
  11. Large  1 inch flat brush for texture on leafs
  12. Large sticks or stick





The design and painting of a knight, for Lincoln knights trail 2017

Above is my design that was SPONSORED BY ST BARNABAS HOSPICE


In celebration of our love, Lincolnshire, heritage, and lands, I have created a montage of its Lincolnshire’s unique beauty and nature, big skies, fertile lands, produce, wrapped in the county’s flag, ready to play with your beautiful self, as you are now, as now is when all changes in one moment with love.

Purple beads, glitter and twig paper art

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