Life is Art, each moment is a chance to bring your souls creativity to life, from a inner awareness of our soul's truths, questions and findings.     It is neither perfection or error, it is just a place of breath and awarness, to bring to lfe, our true soul's conectention as our creative self, co creating with other souls.

Through our inner spark inspiration arises, life unfolds as an eternal memory etched upon the present moment. With constant flux and love of all things, a possible space emerges upon the canvas to express an individual aspect of one internal self, as life is Art.
In my day to day life, it is a constant aim to bring more love, awareness and intergration of my soul.  

I have many outlets for my art/creativity in life and is a never-ending stream, from the mundane challenging accepts of life, to the intriguing and wonderous journey of making art in its many mediums with the connection of my sòul, to create beauty and sacred space with community, and individual artwork. 
I studied art and design from age 16-21, at Lincoln college of art & Design and Newcastle college. Returning to study Fine Art in my late 20's at Lincoln University gaining a BA Hons Fine Art in 2007. 

Lately I was a celebrated artist in 2015, Lincoln, England with an art trail to celebrate 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta with statues of a Baron that stood at about 5ft as blank canvas, for selected artist to paint their winning design upon, with different sponsors for each Barons, then again with Lincoln’s Knights Trail 2017 & Lincoln’s imp trail 2021.
I also have created window displays for Tilly's tea and Gift Shop and currently display artwork in a small Gallery within, the tea Shop.  An Award Winning tea shop in 2021 with Amelia Bailey the founder of Tillys tea and Gift Shop via Lincolnshire life Magazine for the Best Tea and coffee shop in Lincolnshire, England and a Finalist in the top three in 2022 with the new owner Katie Badley.  Tilly’s is local to myself and a delightful wonder in our village.   Where I have also created three murals within the tea room.


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