Make a giant paper flower

To make giant paper flowers you will need…

  1. 12 Sheets of A4 Card or thick paper in chosen colour per flower
  2. 6 A3 Sheets of yellow paper for inserts of flowers & 2 A4
  3. A4 sheets of green card in chosen colour for leaves and flower base I  used one A4 as the largest leaf.
  4. Large wax crayon in chosen colour to add texture if  desired.
  5. Dark green acrylic paint to give depth to leafs and stalks ect.
  6. Green florist tape, paper version for painting on.
  7. Glue gun and glue
  8. Scissors
  9. Clean wipe able desk and damp cloth.
  10. Water bucket for brush
  11. Large  1 inch flat brush for texture on leafs
  12. Large sticks or stick





The design and painting of a knight, for Lincoln knights trail 2017

Above is my design that was SPONSORED BY ST BARNABAS HOSPICE


In celebration of our love, Lincolnshire, heritage, and lands, I have created a montage of its Lincolnshire’s unique beauty and nature, big skies, fertile lands, produce, wrapped in the county’s flag, ready to play with your beautiful self, as you are now, as now is when all changes in one moment with love.

Purple beads, glitter and twig paper art

Purple and Red artwork


I have had the pleasure to paint one of the knights, for in Lincoln, Lincolnshire England.

My Knights sponcer is and they will be on show in Licoln city from May 20th-3rd September 2017 and then actioned off to raise funds for

The trail is to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest.

My insperation was…

In celebration of our love, Lincolnshire, heritage, and lands,  I have created a montage of its Lincolnshire’s unique  beauty & nature, Big Skies, fertile lands, produce,  wrapped in the county’s flag, ready to play with your beautiful self, as you are now, as  now is when  all changes in one moment with love.


Images of Indian Jungle artwork and selfie booth

Images Indian Jungle artwork and selfie booth at Lincoln Central Library Feb 11th-March 11th 2017, along side art work with a reflective mood of India and all thing bright and beautiful.

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